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contagia's Journal

30 January 1991
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My name is Alley, I am a nineteen year old mommy and girlfriend from Philadelphia PA. I have a beautiful daughter named Chloe who was born in august of 2009. We have another on the way, ETA: december 3, 2010. I try to avoid negativity as much as possible, and enjoy my new life that I have made for myself. I enjoy books that are witty and full of sarcasm, movies (b movies, horror, thrillers, certain types of comedies, cult films), and music.

I used to write a lot but I have either grown out of it, or gotten too busy (both?). But I do still use this to meet new people that share the same interests as myself and to post about dumb shit, and sometimes not so dumb shit. I'd really like to meet other mommys and daddies that I can relate to.

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